Vision Wisdom

Vision Wisdom

Fire dancing with shadows thrown against the black of the night Dancers from ages long past enter the circle and begin the song Images leading me back and forth from the far past to what is yet to be My mind searches as the spirits dance

Drums cadent to the heartbeat of the great mystery Rumbling echo’s rebounding from canyon walls The winds carry my dreams, fresh from the sweat of lodge Sungmanitu tanka (the wolf) rests closely at my side

Guarding and guiding as always, wolf leads me on my path Showing me the time of the old ones, and the wisdom that they have I see them now, just as they were, though much of time has past The vision clear, I begin to hear, the wisdom that they pass

They talk of life and love of all, they tell of mothers blessed They show the people spreading out, across the land so vast From common source, they venture forth, brothers and sisters all And with them all the animals, the feathered, furred, and scaled

There are no nations, clans, or guilds, just life in Mother’s embrace Black, white, or red, they’re all the same, no difference in this place They all want peace and happiness, their children safely raised And walk these lands with wondering eye, hold close to mystery’s face

I see it now, my people drift, from truth so long held dear They abuse the trust; waste gifts so fine, all mostly out of fear Fight for power and control, false dreams of what is life And in this fighting, loosing all, all gone in endless strife

The vision fades, the drums grow still The dark of night returns Dancers drop to cold hard ground Dragging breath from cold night air

And I left here, to shiver and cry Remembering all that was.

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 28th, 2007