Section 7

“Descending down into my Garden, a Human Wonder of God”
Reaching from heaven to earth a Cloud & Human Form
I beheld Milton with astonishment & in him beheld
“The Monstrous Churches of Beulah, the Gods of Ulro dark”
Twelve monstrous dishumanizd terrors Synagogues of Satan.
A Double Twelve & Thrice Nine: such their divisions.

And these their Names & their Places within the Mundane Shell

In Tyre & Sidon I saw Baal & Ashtaroth. In Moab Chemosh
“In Ammon, Molech: loud his Furnaces rage among the Wheels”
“Of Og, & pealing loud the cries of the Victims of Fire!”
“And pale his Priestesses infolded in Veils of Pestilence, border’d”
With War; Woven in Looms of Tyre & Sidon by beautiful Ashtaroth.

“In Palestine Dagon, Sea Monster! worshipd o’er the Sea.”
Thammuz in Lebanon & Rimmon in Damascus curtaind
Osiris: Isis: Orus: in Egypt: dark their Tabernacles on Nile
“Floating with solemn songs, & on the Lakes of Egypt nightly”
“With pomp, even till morning break & Osiris appear in the sky”
“But Belial of Sodom & Gomorrha, obscure Demon of Bribes”
“And secret Assasinations, not worshipd nor adord; but t249”
With the finger on the lips & the back turnd to the light
And Saturn Jove & Rhea of the Isles of the Sea remote
These Twelve Gods. are the Twelve Spectre Sons of the Druid Albion

And these the names of the Twenty-seven Heavens & their Churches
“Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch,”
“Methuselah, Lamech: these are Giants mighty Hermaphroditic”
“Noah, Shem, Arphaxad, Cainan the second, Salah, Heber,”
“Peeg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, these are the Female-Males”
“A Male within a Female hid as in an Ark & Curtains,”
“Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Paul, Constantine, Charlemaine”
“Luther, these seven are the Male-Females, the Dragon Forms”
“Religion hid in War, a Dragon red & hidden Harlot”

All these are seen in Miltons Shadow who is the Covering Cherub
The Spectre of Albion in which the Spectre of Luvah inhabits
In the Newtonian Voids between the Substances of Creation

For the Chaotic Voids outside of the Stars are measured by
“The Stars, which are the boundaries of Kingdoms, Provinces”
And Empires of Chaos invisible to the Vegetable Man
The Kingdom of Og. is in Orion: Sihon is in Ophiucus
Og has Twenty-seven Districts; Sihons Districts Twenty-one
“From Star to Star, Mountains & Valleys, terrible dimension”
“Stretchd out, compose the Mundane Shell, a mighty Incrustation”
Of Forty-eight deformed Human Wonders of the Almighty
With Caverns whose remotest bottoms meet again beyond
“The Mundane Shell in Golgonooza, but the Fires of Los, rage”
“In the remotest bottoms of the Caves, that none can pass”
“Into Eternity that way, but all descend to Los”
To Bowlahoola & Allamanda & to Entuthon Benython

“The Heavens are the Cherub, the Twelve Gods are Satan”

And the Forty-eight Starry Regions are Cities of the Levites
“The Heads of the Great Polypus, Four-fold twelve enormity”
In mighty & mysterious comingling enemy with enemy
Woven by Urizen into Sexes from his mantle of years[.]
And Milton collecting all his fibres into impregnable strength
Descended down a Paved work of all kinds of precious stones
Out from the eastern sky; descending down into my Cottage
“Garden: clothed in black, severe & silent he descended.”

The Spectre of Satan stood upon the roaring sea & beheld
Milton within hi sleeping Humanity! trembling & shuddring
He stood upon the waves a Twenty-seven-fold mighty Demon
Gorgeous & beautiful: loud roll his thunders against Milton
“Loud Satan thunderd, loud & dark upon mild Felpham shore”
Not daring to touch one fibre he howld round upon the Sea.

I also stood in Satans bosom & beheld its desolations!
A ruind Man: a ruind building of God not made with hands;
“Its plains of burning sand, its mountains of marble terrible:”
Its pits & declivities flowing with molten ore & fountains
Of pitch & nitre: its ruind palaces & cities & mighty works;
Its furnaces of affliction in which his Angels & Emanations
Labour with blackend visages among its stupendous ruins
Arches & pyramids & porches colonades & domes:
“In which dwells Mystery Babylon, here is her secret place”
From hence she comes forth on the Churches in delight
“Here is her Cup filld with its poisons, in these horrid vales”
And here her scarlet Veil woven in pestilence & war:
“Here is Jerusalem bound in chains, in the Dens of Babylon”

In the Eastern porch of Satans Universe Milton stood & said

Satan! my Spectre! I know my power thee to annihilate
“And be a greater in thy place, & be thy Tabernacle”
“A covering for thee to do thy will, till one greater comes”
And smites me as I smote thee & becomes my covering.
Such are the Laws of thy false Heavns! but Laws of Eternity
Are not such: know thou: I come to Self Annihilation
Such are the Laws of Eternity that each shall mutually
“Annihilate himself for others good, as I for thee[.]”
Thy purpose & the purpose of thy Priests & of thy Churches
Is to impress on men the fear of death; to teach
“Trembling & fear, terror, constriction; abject selfishness”
Mine is to teach Men to despise death & to go on
“In fearless majesty annihilating Self, laughing to scorn”
“Thy Laws & terrors, shaking down thy Synagogues as webs”
I come to discover before Heavn & Hell the Self righteousness
“In all its Hypocritic turpitude, opening to every eye”
These wonders of Satans holiness shewing to the Earth
“The Idol Virtues of the Natural Heart, & Satans Seat”
Explore in all its Selfish Natural Virtue & put off
In Self annihilation all that is not of God alone:
To put off Self & all I have ever & ever Amen

“Satan heard! Coming in a cloud, with trumpets & flaming fire”
“Saying I am God the judge of all, the living & the dead”
Fall therefore down & worship me. submit thy supreme
“Dictate, to my eternal Will & to my dictate bow”

I hold the Balances of Right & Just & mine the Sword
Seven Angels bear my Name & in those Seven I appear
But I alone am God & I alone in Heavn & Earth
“Of all that live dare utter this, others tremble & bow”

“Till All Things become One Great Satan, in Holiness”
“Oppos’d to Mercy, and the Divine Delusion Jesus be no more”

“Suddenly around Milton on my Path, the Starry Seven”
“Burnd terrible! my Path became a solid fire, as bright”
As the clear Sun & Milton silent came down on my Path.
And there went forth from the Starry limbs of the Seven: Forms
“Human; with Trumpets innumerable, sounding articulate”
As the Seven spake; and they stood in a mighty Column of Fire
“Surrounding Felphams Vale, reaching to the Mundane Shell, Saying”
Awake Albion awake! reclaim thy Reasoning Spectre. Subdue

“Him to the Divine Mercy, Cast him down into the Lake”
“Of Los, that ever burneth with fire, ever & ever Amen!”
Let the Four Zoa’s awake from Slumbers of Six Thousand Years

Then loud the Furnaces of Los were heard! & seen as Seven heavens
Stretching from south to north over the mountains of Albion

“Satan heard; trembling round his Body, he incircled it”
He trembled with exceeding great trembling & astonishment
Howling in his Spectre round his Body hungring to devour
“But fearing for the pain for if he touches a Vital,”
His torment is unendurable: therefore he cannot devour:
But howls round it as a lion round his prey continually
“Loud Satan thunderd, loud & dark upon mild Felphams Shore”
Coming in a Cloud with Trumpets & with Fiery Flame
An awful Form eastward from midst of a bright Paved-work
Of precious stones by Cherubim surrounded: so permitted
(Lest he should fall apart in his Eternal Death) to imitate
The Eternal Great Humanity Divine surrounded by
His Cherubim & Seraphim in ever happy Eternity
Beneath sat Chaos: Sin on his right hand Death on his left
And Ancient Night spread over all the heavn his Mantle of Laws
He trembled with exceeding great trembling & astonishment

Then Albion rose up in the Night of Beulah on his Couch
Of dread repose seen by the visionary eye; his face is toward
“The east, toward Jerusalems Gates: groaning he sat above”
His rocks. London & Bath & Legions & Edinburgh
Are the four pillars of his Throne; his left foot near London
Covers the shades of Tyburn: his instep from Windsor
To Primrose Hill stretching to Highgate & Holloway

London is between his knees: its basements fourfold
“His right foot stretches to the sea on Dover cliffs, his heel”
On Canterburys ruins; his right hand covers lofty Wales
His left Scotland; his bosom girt with gold involves
“York, Edinburgh, Durham & Carlisle & on the front”
“Bath, Oxford, Cambridge Norwich; his right elbow”
“Leans on the Rocks of Erins Land, Ireland ancient nation[,]”
His head bends over London: he sees his embodied Spectre
Trembling before him with exceeding great trembling & fear
“He views Jerusalem & Babylon, his tears flow down”
“He movd his right foot to Cornwall, his left to the Rocks of Bognor”
He strove to rise to walk into the Deep. but strength failing
Forbad & down with dreadful groans he sunk upon his Couch
In moony Beulah. Los his strong Guard walks round beneath the Moon

Urizen faints in terror striving among the Brooks of Arnon
With Miltons Spirit: as the Plowman or Artificer or Shepherd
While in the labours of his Calling sends his Thought abroad t250
To labour in the ocean or in the starry heaven. So Milton
“Labourd in Chasms of the Mundane Shell, tho here before”
“My Cottage midst the Starry Seven, where the Virgin Ololon”
Stood trembling in the Porch: loud Satan thunderd on the stormy Sea
Circling Albions Cliffs in which the Four-fold World resides
Tho seen in fallacy outside: a fallacy of Satans Churches

Before Ololon Milton stood & percievd the Eternal Form
Of that mild Vision; wondrous were their acts by me unknown
Except remotely; and I heard Ololon say to Milton

I see thee strive upon the Brooks of Arnon. there a dread
“And awful Man I see, oercoverd with the mantle of years.”
I behold Los & Urizen. I behold Orc & Tharmas;
The Four Zoa’s of Albion & thy Spirit with them striving
In Self annihilation giving thy life to thy enemies
Are those who contemn Religion & seek to annihilate it
Become in their Femin[in]e portions the causes & promoters
“Of these Religions, how is this thing? this Newtonian Phantasm”
This Voltaire & Rousseau: this Hume & Gibbon & Bolingbroke
This Natural Religion! this impossible absurdity
Is Ololon the cause of this? O where shall I hide my face
These tears fall for the little-ones: the Children of Jerusalem
Lest they be annihilated in thy annihilation.

No sooner she had spoke but Rahab Babylon appeard
Eastward upon the Paved work across Europe & Asia
Glorious as the midday Sun in Satans bosom glowing:
“A Female hidden in a Male, Religion hidden in War”

Namd Moral Virtue; cruel two-fold Monster shining bright
A Dragon red & hidden Harlot which John in Patmos saw

And all beneath the Nations innumerable of Ulro
“Appeard, the Seven Kingdoms of Canaan & Five Baalim”
“Of Philistea. into Twelve divided, calld after the Names”
Of Israel: as they are in Eden. Mountain. River & Plain
City & sandy Desart intermingled beyond mortal ken
But turning toward Ololon in terrible majesty Milton
Replied. Obey thou the Words of the Inspired Man
All that can be annihilated must be annihilated t251

That the Children of Jerusalem may be saved from slavery
“There is a Negation, & there is a Contrary”
The Negation must be destroyd to redeem the Contraries
The Negation is the Spectre; the Reasoning Power in Man
This is a false Body: an Incrustation over my Immortal
“Spirit; a Selfhood, which must be put off & annihilated alway”
To cleanse the Face of my Spirit by Self-examination.

To bathe in the Waters of Life; to wash off the Not Human
I come in Self-annihilation & the grandeur of Inspiration
To cast off Rational Demonstration by Faith in the Saviour
To cast off the rotten rags of Memory by Inspiration
“To cast off Bacon, Locke & Newton from Albions covering”
“To take off his filthy garments, & clothe him with Imagination”
“To cast aside from Poetry, all that is not Inspiration”
That it no longer shall dare to mock with the aspersion of Madness
“Cast on the Inspired, by the tame high finisher of paltry Blots,”
“Indefinite, or paltry Rhymes; or paltry Harmonies.”
Who creeps into State Government like a catterpiller to destroy
“To cast off the idiot Questioner who is always questioning,”
But never capable of answering; who sits with a sly grin
“Silent plotting when to question, like a thief in a cave;”
Who publishes doubt & calls it knowledge; whose Science is Despair
“Whose pretence to knowledge is Envy, whose whole Science is”
To destroy the wisdom of ages to gratify ravenous Envy;
That rages round him like a Wolf day & night without rest
He smiles with condescension; he talks of Benevolence & Virtue
“And those who act with Benevolence & Virtue, they murder time on time”
“These are the destroyers of Jerusalem, these are the murderers”
“Of Jesus, who deny the Faith & mock at Eternal Life:”
Who pretend to Poetry that they may destroy Imagination;
By imitation of Natures Images drawn from Remembrance
“These are the Sexual Garments, the Abomination of Desolation”
Hiding the Human lineaments as with an Ark & Curtains

Which Jesus rent: & now shall wholly purge away with Fire
Till Generation is swallowd up in Regeneration.

Then trembled the Virgin Ololon & replyd in clouds of despair

Is this our Femin[in]e Portion the Six-fold Miltonic Female
Terribly this Portion trembles before thee O awful Man
Altho’ our Human Power can sustain the severe contentions
“Of Friendship, our Sexual cannot: but flies into the Ulro.”
Hence arose all our terrors in Eternity! & now remembrance
“Returns upon us! are we Contraries O Milton, Thou & I”
O Immortal! how were we led to War the Wars of Death
“Is this the Void Outside of Existence, which if enterd into”

Becomes a Womb? & is this the Death Couch of Albion
Thou goest to Eternal Death & all must go with thee

“So saying, the Virgin divided Six-fold & with a shriek”
Dolorous that ran thro all Creation a Double Six-fold Wonder!
Away from Ololon she divided & fled into the depths
Of Miltons Shadow as a Dove upon the stormy Sea.

Then as a Moony Ark Ololon descended to Felphams Vale
“In clouds of blood, in streams of gore, with dreadful thunderings”
Into the Fires of Intellect that rejoic’d in Felphams Vale
Around the Starry Eight: with one accord the Starry Eight became
One Man Jesus the Saviour. wonderful! round his limbs
The Clouds of Ololon folded as a Garment dipped in blood
Written within & without in woven letters: & the Writing
Is the Divine Revelation in the Litteral expression:
“A Garment of War, I heard it namd the Woof of Six Thousand Years”

And I beheld the Twenty-four Cities of Albion
Arise upon their Thrones to Judge the Nations of the Earth
And the Immortal Four in whom the Twenty-four appear Four-fold
Arose around Albions body: Jesus wept & walked forth
“From Felphams Vale clothed in Clouds of blood, to enter into”
“Albions Bosom, the bosom of death & the Four surrounded him”
In the Column of Fire in Felphams Vale; then to their mouths the Four
Applied their Four Trumpets & them sounded to the Four winds

Terror struck in the Vale I stood at that immortal sound
My bones trembled. I fell outstretchd upon the path
“A moment, & my Soul returnd into its mortal state”
To Resurrection & Judgment in the Vegetable Body
And my sweet Shadow of Delight stood trembling by my side

Immediately the Lark mounted with a loud trill from Felphams Vale
And the Wild Thyme from Wimbletons green & impurpled Hills

And Los & Enitharmon rose over the Hills of Surrey
“Their clouds roll over London with a south wind, soft Oothoon”
Pants in the Vales of Lambeth weeping oer her Human Harvest
Los listens to the Cry of the Poor Man: his Cloud
“Over London in volume terrific, low bended in anger.”

Rintrah & Palamabron view the Human Harvest beneath
Their Wine-presses & Barns stand open; the Ovens are prepar’d
The Waggons ready: terrific Lions & Tygers sport & play
“All Animals upon the Earth, are prepard in all their strength”

To go forth to the Great Harvest & Vintage of the Nations.

The End

– Blake