Praise for Hafiz

Praise for Hafiz

In his poetry Hafiz has inscribed undeniable truth indelibly … Hafiz has no peer!

Hafiz defies you to show him or put him in a condition inopportune or ignoble … He fears nothing. He sees too far; he sees throughout; such is the only man I wish to see or be.

Edward Fitzgerald
The best musician of Words.

Gertrude Bell: 
It is as if his mental eye; endowed with wonderful acuteness of vision, had penetrated into those provinces of thought which we of a later age were destined to inhabit.

A. J. Arberry: 
… Hafiz is as highly esteemed by his countrymen as Shakespeare by us, and deserves as serious consideration.

Ibrahim Gamard.
Hafiz is known throughout the world as Persia’s greatest poet, with sales of his poems in Iran only surpassed by those of the Qur’an itself. His probing and joyful verse speaks to people from all backgrounds who long to taste and feel divine love and experience harmony with all living things


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