130,000 Sutra Project

The Poet-Seer Sri Chinmoy has embarked on a truly astonishing project of poetical self-transcendence. Begining in 1973 with a first series of a 1,000 poems called The Dance of Life, this was followed later in the same year with another 1,000 poem set, The Wings of Light. In April, in a single 24 hour period came The Goal Is Won,in June, in 72 hours, he wrote 365 Fathers Day Prayers,a three week period in June/July brought forth Europe-Blossoms and in the same year from January to October a concurrent program,The Golden Boat, another two 1,000 poem series in 1974.The following year, 1975, Sri Chinmoy further expanded his writings with Transcendence-Perfection,composed in November in 24 hours. 1977 Sri Chinmoy extended himself again with A Soulful Cry Versus A Fruitful Smile, 630 rhyming poems produced in a 24 hour period followed by From The Source To The Source,401 rhyming poems.

In 1979 Sri Chinmoy began his most adventurous project to date. A 10,000 poem series produced in 100 volumes and called Ten Thousand Flower-Flames.He began October 22nd and finished July 3rd 1983, the 50th volume written 27 november 1982. Just getting into his stride, Sri Chinmoy took a whole week off before taking the idea to the next level by announcing that he would commence a new series called Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants in 270 volumes. Nearly 15 years later in January 1998 he reached his goal. Taking only a 3 hour break, Sri Chinmoy stepped up again by begining a new series called Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees in 77 volumes and at this time, September 2002, he has completed 27,000 poems.

Such an amazing quantity of poetry has to be seen to be believed and providing online access to these works is a serious challenge in itself. Fortunately some work has already been done and most of these works are catalogued by a particular poem’s theme.  The Sutra Index