Sites Related to Sri Chinmoy

       Global relay for greater world harmony. Inspired by Sri Chinmoy organised by Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

  • Life of Sri Chinmoy Site offering information about Sri Chinmoy and also selected excerpts from his writings.
  • Links related to Sri Chinmoy and Sri Chinmoy Centre – Comprehensive listing of sites.
  • Sri Chinmoy Races
    The home page of the worldwide Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, which sponsors 500 athletic events annually, from Masters track and field competitions to the world’s longest certified race of 3100 miles.
  • Sri Chinmoy SongsA selection from Sri Chinmoy’s vast collection of devotional songs.
  • Listen to Radio Online at Radio Sri Chinmoy Sri Chinmoy’s uplifting flute performances, soulful singing, resonant stringed instruments, magical keyboard, power-filled pipe organ and charming extemporaneous compositions.
  • Sri Chinmoy Books
    A collection of books by Sri Chinmoy that can be bought

    This group exists to share positive news, inspiration and encouragement about Sri Chinmoy and about people inspired by Sri Chinmoy, which includes the students and friends of Sri Chinmoy.

  • Oneness – Heart – Tears and Smiles Humanitarian Service
    A humanitarian service by the Sri Chinmoy Centre to offer assistance to different parts of the world

Sri Chinmoy Community

  • The Soul’s Delight Distributing. – The Souls Delight Distributing and McKeever Publishing seek to create and distribute books, music, live presentations and videos that will offer information and inspiration for spiritual growth.  gift shop.
  • Ashrita Furman. – Ashrita is a student of Sri Chinmoyand has been dubbed Mr. Versatility by the Guinness Book of World Records. He has held dozens of world records, crediting his practice of meditation and the encouragement of Sri Chinmoy as being the basis for these achievements. A very inspiring site!
  • Kiwicelt– Beautiful handcrafted wooden flutes made by Shardul Dillicar. Shardul is a student of Sri Chinmoy in New Zealand

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