Ramana Puranam – 3


Praise to the holy feet of the One

who inhabits all human forms,

who, everywhere and at all times

speaks through the mouths of all,

and causes the diverse movements

of their minds!


He is the peerless Primal One,

the supreme peace of mauna,

who, merging as the Heart within the Heart,

with no trace of the thought ‘I’,

remains merged with each being

through its ‘I’,

existing and shining forth

in all the beings of the world

as their own Self-nature.


When the ‘I’ thought does not arise,

and I unite [as pure being] with Him,

He remains merged with me

shining out as my very own fullness.

However, the very moment

I raise my head [thinking 'I'],

to perceive his ancient [form]

he sees my oddness, scorns me,

and conceals himself from me.


If I then bow down my head and die,

He flourishes within me,

shining his light as before.

Thus, the majesty of the Lord

will shine forth

only before the ‘I’ arises,

and after the ‘I’ subsides.

Who, then, will have the power

to tell of his greatness,

which can only be known

through the God-consciousness

in which the ‘I’ is absent,

and not through the awareness

in which the ‘I’ is experienced?


Worthless one that I am,

unfit to speak [of his glory],

I shall, by the exalted grace of that Great One,

expound the true nature of Siva-Ramana:

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