Ramana Puranam – 9


Wish-fulfilling tree of heaven,

who grants your grace with tender love

to all those who adore you,

and sing your praises,

be they dwellers in the lower worlds,

upon earth or in the celestial realms!



Even if the most insignificant of your devotees

come to possess a desire,

you enable them to be enthroned

in the royal assembly

of the king of the gods.


However many births were possible,

I have experienced them all and grown weary.

Even if my mind could take birth

in the lofty position of being one of the gods,

beginning with Indra himself,

I would no longer consent to the suffering

and weary lamentation [of birth].


Even the blackest of crows,

when it alights upon beautiful golden Mount Meru,

is transformed into the form of pure gold.

In just the same way, even those jivas

who are entirely without distinction will,

upon joining the presence of divine consciousness,

one’s own reality, attain by its glorious majesty

the sublime form of the Self and shine.

[Therefore], my Lord and Master,

may you bestow upon me that mauna,

whose form is the expanse of true jnana,

imprinting that truth upon my heart

so that I no longer perceive myself

as a form of flesh and blood.

Youthful mauna Guru, you who,

shining as the divine manifestation of God,

at the head of the lineage of Gurus,

reveal the supreme truth,

the unique speech of [mauna]

that is the mind’s source,

which is the mother of all language

but which, unlike the spoken word,

neither appears nor disappears.

This is a reference to Siva appearing as Dakshinamurti and teaching four sages through the medium of mauna, silence. Dakshinamurti is traditionally held to be the original Guru, the founding father of all Guru lineages.


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