Ramana Puranam – 6


In my forgetfulness, I became a bird in that tree,

my mind confused by good and evil actions.

Looking around on all sides, in my perplexity,

I repetitively devoured its sweet and bitter fruits in vain,

experiencing again and again

unceasing suffering and enjoyment.


In this state of disgust, wherein there was not a trace

of clarity within my mind,

the king, who is my very life,

through his grace that is the truth,

free of the feelings of rejoicing and aversion,

appeared as a unique sage

in the city of Arunai

to save me from death,

worthless cur that I was,

and through his compassionate gaze

he revealed to me his holy lotus feet,

infusing me with an abundant, unending flood

of the ambrosia of being-consciousness

so that my mind became still.


On account of the forgetfulness

arising out of the illusion of maha maya,

they think that they are the body,

their mental faculties subverted.


Taking the seven forms of birth,

according to their mental pre-dispositions,

they do not conceive an aversion for this body

which reeks of the foul odour

of the three impurities,

but deem it a thing of great worth,

desiring it intensely,

and, propounding fallacious arguments,

commit the error [of taking the body to be 'I'].

The seven forms of birth were listed in the note to lines. The three impurities, according to Saiva philosophy, are anava (the ego), maya and karma.

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