Honeymoon in Cyberspace

Honeymoon in Cyberspace

A love story for the digital century

By Amin George Forji

It is amazing to note that
In the twinkle of an eye
The pendulum has swung back.
It’s twelve months since we first
Played “hide and seek” in cyberspace.
Like children directed by the moon.

It seems like last year was just yesterday.
The more I recall how we started
The more I want to fall in love afresh.
It was not until we exchanged those long pages
That the sun began to shine during the day
And rain fell at night.

I still cannot tell what inspired me to send
A pal invitation to you that blessed morning.
Believe it or not,
I wasn’t expecting anything out of it
Because I was a novice to the cyberworld
In the true sense of the word.

However, from the minute you replied
I could tell that someone special
Was passing my way.

Thank God, I took no chances
Thus, it was so easy for you to
Land here with me.

Those daily songs and soft poems from you
During those months before we met,
Five moons later,
Were in fact the only reason
Why I made it cyberspace for breakfast, lunch and supper
In that world I could make you my daily bread.

After all these moons, if anything,
My joy has rather multiplied.
And even though I would like to fall in love afresh
I cannot help picturing that dream day ahead of us
When we make good our vows
So that the world can learn what it means to truly love.

Can you believe we are just twelve moons to that day?
Have you thought of where we are going to spend it?
I have one more wish to ask from you
Because I never loved before you,
Promise me that we will have our honeymoon
No where else but in cyberspace.