Run-Away Lovers

Run-Away Lovers

By Amin George Forji

Her heart was chained in sorrows
As a result of fundamental life mistakes
And she valued herself to be no better than rags
And although she was princess
Adorned with all the beautiful things of the island
Still, happiness was far away from her

The King, her father thought he’d found the magic wand
That could make his loving princess cheerful once more
As well as restore the joy of royalty
Back into her, once and for all

Yes, the good noble Lord from friendly hilly Kingdom
Was undoubtedly that King’s magic wand
She’s the luckiest Princess in the whole land, the Queen rejoiced
For the fact that the good noble Lord
Had turned down every happy beauty
And although she learnt of the Princess’ sorrows
He chose to make her his Queen

Then an ‘abomination’ happened
An outcast recently employed to serve the palace
Was rumored to have entered the princess’ room
Hearsay spread in the land like fire on a dry bush
Even before it could get to the King’s ears

Abomination! The furious King exclaimed
The outcast must be stoned at dusk, he declared
Hence he summoned servants to immediately
Bring the fugitive to his presence
In a twinkle of an eye

The servants returned with puzzled news
The outcast was no where to be found
Nor was the Princess
Only her fingerprints could be spotted
‘We have fled the land,’ read a left behind note
‘To begin a new life in the newfoundland of love…
…Where my joy and happiness would be restored’, she wrote

(c) Amin George Forji