Quarrel in the Marriage Van

Quarrel in the Marriage Van

Amin George Forji

My dear, believe it or not
The strange truth is that nothing transpired between him and me
Beyond the marriage Van
You’re definitely right
If you say that I am his wife in fact
But indeed, it’s to you that I belong.
If you’re just patient, I will tell you
Why I finally agreed to tie knots with him
In the first place
As you know, the best way to get up is from down
And only those that have eyes use that path
Glad am I to say I noticed that narrow route.

As you well know
You’re nothing but a true church rat
To borrow my parents vocabulary
As for him and his great family
Without biting any words
The fact is that they are in position
To have everything that money could ever buy under the sun
Except for one thing
And do you want to know?
Everything they can have, I can see them with my naked eyes
But if am right, love cannot be touched
Yes, what a typical church rat like you has
I know for sure that he personally does not possess it
And it is something I know very well when I meet it
But I don’t know exactly what it is
All I know is that- that thing is very much alive in you

So it’s for this reason that I caused the difficult fight
In the marriage van
It was a fight to prevent him from seeing the worse
A fight to help him avoid my bad colours
I can only be glad that things worked very well just as planned
It was a fight to bring you back on board
And it was a fight to send that important message to you
That nothing, I mean nothing
Can part us asunder

The trouble all began
After we stepped into the immaculate car
From the church doors
I raised the normal complain
That a woman not in love in my situation will use
That I am feeling allergic to sitting close to him
Shocked and embarrassed, he spoke with a high tone
That the devil cannot come into me on his wedding day
And that was of course the pretext I’d needed
To explode. Into pieces
So, I did the obvious thing
That is, caused commotion and disappeared
As they all lay fainted

So, you see what I have gone through
To come back to you here in the forest
That we live our natural life together
Yes, here in the jungle our peace is truly rested on nature
And although, am now disowned from every because of you
Still, I have no regrets
Cause nature agrees with me that it was worth the risk
Living the world to come to you
For says the Lord: For this reason,
Two people will leave their families to be joined together as one

Although I feel pity for him
I definitely have no regrets
Why because we never loved
We never knew each other, and were never going to
I left him as empty handed as I went to him
And I abandoned him to carry back home with him
All his shameful troubles
That he brought to me

My parents have no one else
But themselves to blame
For not listening to me
Or caring to know how sincere I was when I said we were inseparable
As a daughter, I felt I should show them minimum respect
And that could be no more than going as far as the wedding van
When my journey came to it’s logical end
I turned back along the same road I’d journeyed the difficult voyage
Of course to return to where I came from
And to go back no more
If love was riches, I will wed him
To please my loving parents
But if love is still love
My dear, then I will damn the consequences
And be with you forever and ever

So now is the time
That we put our life vows to practice
Good a thing, the tries are calm
And the bright moon is up to bear witness
That we have begun the true love chapter
Never to go on break again
Lord, hear us!