Love Mis-directed

Love Mis-directed

Gotta say the Hard Truth

  Amin George Forji

Right from that dream night

That we first met

By the sandy beach

I could read from your eyes

How much you’d surrendered your poor heart  

Without any reservation to me

T’s now exactly a year and eight moons

And if anything, your love only gets stronger,

More sincere and truer

U ‘ve always without any hesitation

Done everything it takes to make me happy

Invent every possible thing under the sun to buy me a smile

How I wish I could really acknowledge these things to u

But am deeply sorry cos I know am unable to ever do so

U don’t need the best words on earth for this

Fully understand that the only way I can pay u back is to lend u my gentle heart

How I wish I could, cos your pay could be no less

But once more, am sorry I can’t

For one year and eight moons

That you surrendered yourself to me

Have been nothing but a real shadow

And though u touched me, was impossible to get hold of me

Every flowery word I said to u

Was nothing but beautiful castles in t air

And for your wonderful and marvelous amorous deeds

That you did to me

I simply transferred them to another girl

The girl keeping my humble heart

The hard truth is that

To u, my heart is nothing but a lump of ice

How I wish she was u

I do to her what you normally do to me

And never has it seem to be enough

Like I have always been to u,

The reply on her eyes will always be: ‘Please, do more!’

Like I ‘ve always been to u,

The more I do, the more she expects

Yet, she is nothing but a lump of ice

Now I know why they say love is blind

The more she melts, the more I love her

And dear, you know what?

She has now confessed to me

That she summer is underway

And the sun will melt the ice out of her

And I cannot help myself, cos I she will melt with my poor heart

Dear, u ‘re too good to be wasted

That’s why I’ve decided to confess the hard truth

That though I wish I could love u

Yet, because nothing but a lump of ice

I know for sure

That when summer approaches, the sun will melt the ice out of me

Forgive me, if u can