Nagamuthu Osho

True to Heart
Heart is the holy abode of thought, Keeping it more pure is divine’s sought.
Bliss Buddha
Peace is love, To share the compassion with others, Is so delicate and becomes immaculate joy.
Poetry Of Peace
Peace is the winning wings, Which will fly beyond all bonds and bounds…
Ambrosia Arbor
Love and devotion is the route for compassion, which is indeed the seed of divine ways.
Love Is The Hope
If compassion prevails, Then love follows.
Path Pertains To Love
The art of binding the heart with fond bond is done by love.
Thanking God
Thanking and thinking God Is the root and route to be glad…
Life is an Endless Wave…
The obstacles of life is like a leaf, Which stands serene to obtain light, Let the life move to love the divine…
Divine Light
The essential essence of fragrance Of knowledge towards infinte love to Lord Brings love and compassion, with endless deliverance.
Soft shaft of words…
Words will give and fill all and tell all… God Bless you…
The New Dew
Dedicating to my comrade …. With lot of love… Peace and grace may fill thy heart! God Bless you!
Life is Short, But become as soft, and live like a bud, Full of fragrance… GOD BLESS YOU..
Wind and Sand
Making the life on Earth is easy, But making it worth is more happy! God Bless the readers..!