Bliss Buddha

Divine thine Eternal radianceface
Ayethy bliss full of fragrance
Mystic Magic,thy articulate words flow
O’erture of miracle musicsurround!
Those mirrific,pacific path Ye show
Among the ruseravine,`O Divine mound
Eternal Eight Fold path
Ye bestow,slains those surmise wrath
Sweet Elixir thine Immortal,Immaculate words
Flies away my sorrow,as swift birds
Thy Profoundchaste kingdom!
Welcomes all,I bow to thy Wisdom
Full of serene,fragrance,sacred thine abode
Where Soul manifests,stops wheels of life!
Desire ne’er continued,Birth after Birth
Desire e’er ceased,Bliss thy Mirth Birth
Benidiction blooms and I sing thy Orison
Full of GleeOur Heart dives deep
Inside those Hallow Bay of Benison
Gosh!Flowers glisten by dewand awake.

Copyright © 2006 Nagamuthu Karthikeyan Osho