Ambrosia Arbor

Thousandfold flowers unfetters fragrance
Thousandfold powers dowers Deliverance
All frith flowers adore thine aubade!
All Ambrosia audocious attunes along cascade!
When my myriadmystic
Moodin mute stands rustic
O’erflows joy e’er encompass!
Sacred love,Encore!all onuspious abyss!
Daze,Dazzlingblushes those sweet flower
Carries my Chariot thought to Rose land!
And thy relume thought compose and jocund!
Where withalWhimsical thro’ Orison pervade
Sacred Symphony sings,Enlightens the Planet
Sonorous Savant,radiant grace compose sonnet.
Nagamuthu Karthikeyan Osho

Copyright ©2006 Nagamuthu Karthikeyan

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