Path Pertains To Love

Thy path I love!
Thy pathos I carve?
Lo! lake of conscious appear,
Lo! lake of surmise disappear?
In my mind thee the Silver screen!
Thy magic Soul! emanates sacred and serene
May thee tranquil my turbulent mind, without thou I remain frail;
Mighty Anima! alleviates all ail
Solace, sonorous thy lips, slips, sails upon the ship I hail!
Sails in thy sacred mystic sea, e’er vanish with the magic wings
Transcend all tragic, thro’ me Ye sings!
Thy compassion – my compass and fanal
Carry craggy sojourn soul! with mystic wing
Coloss’al love copious, commence cosmical carnival.

Copyright ©2006 Nagamuthu Karthikeyan Osho