I Am Rainbow

Looking in a puddle on a semi-rainy day

I saw myself  but dimly

imperfect, and muddy with other

I wavered as the puddle did, as raindrops struck

sending ripples out like waves of pain

not quite shattering in shards distortions of my Image

then I looked up–

What?  Was that a flash of colour?

Sun and Rain, Laughter and Pain

I saw it melt together

I saw it become One

the Winds of Change blew in Waters of Healing

and the lowly Dust became fixed and stable

and was wrapped around by Her Transforming Light

reflections and refractions

I saw the sign of  Hope, the symbol of Renewal

I saw the Rainbow Bridge that crosses Heaven and Earth

bringing the Sacred back to the Mundane

and I realized that


I saw then my Image, with the ripples of Life’s pain

spreading outward, but stopped, healed, cleansed

reflected and refracted away as Nature and nature connected

the rain still falls, still strikes, still stings

and I am wetted

but no longer drowning

and I went forth and had myself

a Bright and Shining Multicoloured Day