I’m going to the festival; the Spirits of the Earth

are calling me to join them in the Dance!

Its held out in the country where the air is fresh and pure

and maybe I might even get the chance

to see another Deer right where I saw one once before

as I turned down the road and passed the gate.

She turned and looked straight at me, as if she knew me well

and suddenly the fears I’d thought so great

just melted, and my heart grew light. “These people you can trust,”

she seemed to say to me, then she was gone

a curious wind peeked up my skirt; I turned and headed back

and pitched my tent. A golden summer shone.

There’s dancing ’round the fire pit, and drumming through the night

the spirit of the Deer surrounds the place

’cause we’re on “Pagan Standard Time”, and energies connect

creating a sense of joy and sacred space!

One weekend out of thirteen moons I get to be myself

one weekend; then I’m forced back to the city

the trees are clipped and ordered and the concrete’s hard and cold

and there’s litter strewn about. Its such a pity!

But Deer has come back with me, and I’m grateful for her gift

for it means that I can keep that sense of Love

I can remember its the same breeze (even though it smells so foul)

I can remember its the same sun up above

I’m going to the festival! My car’s already packed!

There no one thinks I’m nuts ’cause my hair’s blue–

You look as if you need a rest; a space to be yourself–

I’m going now! Oh, please say you’ll come too!