oshumare niji

I Am Rainbow
Several years ago, I had an experience with a beautiful triple rainbow.
Maid of the Mist
This is a sestina that retells the ancient tale of Hinun and Laylawala. She was of the Ongiarra (O-nee-ah-GAh-rah), a PaleoIndian or Archaic Woodland Tribe. They were the first People of the Niagara Region, a name taken from them. Hinun (HEEnan) is the Rainbow Serpent deity who has been spotted periodically in the Falls, much like other serpents around the world like Nessie, Manipogo, Oakie, and Mkele Mbemba. The Iroquois destroyed the Wendat (Huron), Ongiarra descendants, in the 1600’s, rewriting the ancient tale in the process. Hit Dragonritualdrummers.com. Their latest CD tells the tale in musical form. They are great!!!
Deer is the totem of unconditional love.
a sestina. Hindu force/goddess. = “Great Illusion” “Absolute Reality” “Ultimate Truth”