Maid of the Mist

When Laylawala made her sacrifice

She gave with her whole heart her offering

the mighty Thunder Dragon of the Falls

Hinun, the Serpent God of ancient time

the Ongiarra tribe renewed.  The drums

echoed across the rainbow bridge of mist.

Enveloped in a shining cloud of mist

He witnessed Laylawala’s sacrifice

her beauty echoed in His heart like drums

compassion was her greatest offering

the Thunder Serpent took her for all time

to be the Bride of Hinun of the Falls.

Another of the tribe went down the Falls

wailing as he was swept away in mist

his name and rank forgotten for all time

Father? Lover? Brother? his sacrifice

the Thunder Lord took as His offering

accompanied on the banks by drums.

The sickness in the tribe announced by drums

was healed by Hinun, Dragon of the Falls

when Laylawala made her offering

and wedded Hinun in the rainbow mist

the Ongiarra maiden’s sacrifice

was handed down upon the winds of time.

Cultures, like seasons, disappear with time

the harsher sound of Iroquoisin drums

made mockery of ancient sacrifice

and sealed both God and Bride within the Falls

receding deep within the rainbow mist

they slept–until awak’d by offerings.

Another tribe has made their offering

empowering Hinun in our modern time

the Serpent and His Bride flow through the mist

rejoicing in the sound of Pagan drums

the Lord and Lady of Niagara Falls

renewed by those who keep the sacrifice.

Maid of the Mist, accept my offering!

your sacrifice remembered in my time

drums once again are heard around the Falls!