Hiren Shah


Poem by Hiren Shah


The world on the whole continues to bemoan September Eleven;

As if before that, the earth was some heaven.

The events of September eleven were a blot on mankind’evolution;

It indicated that mankind has not progressed beyond the cavern.

The information revolution and mass communication

should have enabled a religious break-even.

It could have heralded a religious and political revolution.

Art and sports bind people together, we need many a Beethoven;

One has to be as spiritually agile to ensure

that the world everywhere is truly cosmopolitan

What we need is a spiritual James bond;a spiritual 007

To investigate into, contrary to what it preaches,

the religious intent behind September eleven.

Whether an Asian, European, African or American,

Whether Manhatten or any other nation, new ways are needed to enlighten

If there is one legacy that will always be attributed

to the events of September eleven

Applied spirituality needs to be as successful as applied science

i. e the world badly needs to straighten.

Humanity must be the sole religion to avoid another September 11.