Poems of Marifa


 Only Emptiness can do it

So much is the heat
of our burning Hearts
we can make the Poles melting
we can make the apples ripening
we can make an abandoned child smiling
all in One Heart, a Cornucopia of tastes, and colors and songs.
So much juice my Friends, I’m dripping allover
like Krishna and Balaram with the Gopi’s curd,
and yet this thirst and hunger is never satiated
though it’s always satiated in the Now,
next now it needs again to be fulfilled
because this is the Friend:
always fulfilling and always fulfilled.

Only Emptiness can do it.

Isn’t that enough?

Falling from the stars
bouncing upon the Earth
to the top of the trees
sliding down the branches
landing on the grass
looking up the sky
don’t ask why I am here
just I am here
and my Heart is beating
isn’t that enough?

Ode to Kali 1

Kali, Oh Kali,
just reading your name
and my hairs stand on ends
your sweetness pervades
my body and mind
my lips smile

in your caress
I become a child
no more wondering
why joy is here
it is in my bones
it is in my cells
it is in my mind
where you cast
your spell
Om Kali om
Om Kali om
Devourer of time
meet me in eternity
Devourer of ego
meet me in emptiness
Mother of Tantra
meet me inside you
Oh Kali, Kali, Kali
Om Kali om
Om Kali om

Ode to Kali 2

Oh Kali, Oh Mother,
embrace, embrace, embrace!

Your embrace is the Grace
what else could I desire
but your ruby lips?
Your pearly teeth
your dancing gait
Oh Kali, Oh Mother
I am yours, I am yours!
Take me, take me!
I enter into your eyes
vast like Krishna’s mouth
wide open to his mother.
Universe after universe
I fall into your Presence
floating, uplifted,
annihilated in pure joy
of love intimacy.
No up no down
no before no behind,
just embraced
embracing eternity
eternity embracing eternity.
Oh Kali, Oh Mother
embrace, embrace, embrace!


Opening and opening and opening
that’s what I am
an opening to an opening
a flowering to a flower
a singing to a song
a selfing to a Self
a verb to Nothingness.


Just looking

 Coming back from the high mountains
 I feel like a stranger in a strange world
 empty of the usual roles, who am I?

 Just looking,
 who is looking?
 in the stillness of just looking
 is there love?
 How could one call it love?
 Just looking is embracing
 just looking is caring
 just looking is Being

 isn’t this love?

 and Ah!
 and Ahhh!
 It’s there, it’s here,
 it’s everywhere
 and nowhere
 and now here
 Being is being Being
 tears recognize their Being
Being recognizes its be-longing
 longing disappears into an Om-ing
 just looking
 just looking
 humming bird

 just singing
 just singing
‘trr  trrr trrrrr’

 just pecking
 just pecking
 isn’t this Love?


Oh Shiva
Oh Shakti
Oh Bhava
Oh Bhakti

Yab Yum Aum
om lotus flower
om delicious lover
in the moment
of  fullness
by emptiness.
Shiva Shakti
Shakti Shiva
coming into being
into formy formless
Hum Aum
Yab Yum
of the world
I adore
the stillness.

in your womb
I adore
the world.
Oh Shiva
I’m in awe of wonder
to this world.

Oh Devi
 your very body
is the mold.
Pillar of light
endless delight
limitless might
darkness aflame
dance dance dance
to the holy Drum
glance glance glance
into my holy Eyes
Shiva Oh Shiva
Shakti Oh Shakti
rapturous delight!
thousands arms
dance in space
like trees in the storm
full of solace
dropping leaves of love
all over the earth

seeds of your light
seeds of your might
fall and raise
to join your delight.


Kali, Kali-Durge
om namo namaha
you cut my head
and my ego fullness
becomes my void emptiness.
I dance and dance
I shiver I cry
your power is my power
my body is your body
my self is no self.


With my blood
I nurture the world
with my void
I embrace all forms
I am one solid substance
radiating emptiness everywhere

Kali, Kali-Durge,
cut my head
reveal the thousands sun
of your glory
of my glory

let them nurture the world
let my blood becomes
the honey of the hungry
let my thoughts become
the dance of the forms
Oh Kali, Kali-Durge
hug me tight
squeeze the juice of amrita
out of this body of emptiness

only in your arms
I can hug myself
only in your emptiness
I can be boundless
Oh such an intimacy!
without my head
we can penetrate each other
overlapping each other
in the emptiness of our substantiality
the seed has sprouted
in nothingness
its tree is the void
of fullness.
Oh how deep is the Void
I fall and fall and fall
there is no end to myself
I am the deep I am the fall
I am the nothing and the all

Oh Kali, Kali,
 I melt in tears
no more self
just salty water
running through an empty form
warm as Love
warm as Light
blessed be the Mother
blessed be the Womb
blessed be Thyself.

Om namo namaha



Prayer to the Divine Mother

Divine Mother, Kali-Durge-Mary-Sophia,
if your womb has generated me
so that I might see the world,
let me see the world
with your clear eyes.
Remove the veil from my sight,
so that I might become your seeing,
undo the knot in my heart
so that I might become Love.
Let my consciousness become pure and transparent,
like the Consciousness that has generated me.
Let everything be welcomed in my womb
as you welcome me in yours.

Hold my hand and take me out in the open Space
where the light plays with the rainbow,
where silence play with sound,
where Love plays with hate
eternally lost,
eternally found again.
Be my darkness,
be my light,
melt the deep of my soul
in the pearls of your loving tears.
Welcome me, welcome me, welcome me,
as you have generated me,
always united, never separate.
For long I have walked and walked,
now I would like to rest again in your womb,
dark, luminous, transparent, solid,
like a Nothingness pregnant with the Whole.
You are my song,
You are my pain,
You are my joy,
I am your song,
I am your pain,
I am your joy.
Welcome me, welcome me,
welcome me.


It’s because of love

it is because of you
that I am here

it’s because of love
that we are here

it is because of love
that we celebrate and share

it’s because of love
that we play and dare

it’s because of love
that we are suffering

it’s because of love
that we are living and dying

it’ because of love
that  I am myself

it’ because of love
that the mystery has no end

it’s because of love
that I just pretend

it’s because of love
that God is God

it’s because of love
that the ocean is waving
and the shore is standing

it’s because of love
that love loves love

endlessly roaring
and sweetly whispering
O Beloved just one glance
and I am no more
and as by chance
I become a whore
ready to anything
for another glance
Purity impurity
I take the chance
 for another glance
of my Beloved.

Looking for the Seer

Looking for the Seer
I fall into space
depthing bottomless obscurities
waving uncountable tides
beating heart breathtaking
stopping in middle air
by recognizing
it’s own beating
as the tides
revolving into space infinities
loving proxy-remote galaxies.
Darkness beating heart full
eating its own lovingness
radiating into itself
exploding into other selves
moon-dressed beauties
smiling to mirrors of time
singing lullaby songs
to their own face.

Internet Shiva

I  connect, I disconnect
I dance the dance on Internet

I am Shiva, I am Shiva.

Creation and destruction
are but a blink of an eye to me

I am Shiva, I am Shiva.

Deep, deep silence came to visit this body,
waves of space expansion undulated
to the edge of the universe:
I am here, I am there,
I don’t move, yet I move,

I am Shiva , I am Shiva.

Glory to the Unmanifest
Glory to the Manifest
Glory to Shiva
Glory to Kali
Glory to Myself

I am Shiva, I am Shiva

I speak to you in silence
you listen to me in silence

what is to say
but what we are
what is to listen
but what we are
all what I am
you are
all what you are
I am
let’s walk the way
that is not a way
to go where
we have always been
moving without moving
loving without loving

because we are already that love
in communion with itself.


(Emanuele De Benedetti.)