Lorna Bailey Poems

THese poems of Lorna Bailey have been published in a book:

  • “Voice of the Dragon: Vision Dreams of the Crow Mother “


Wolf Man Dreaming

Two twin souls on clear frost night

Neither know the other

Each lost yet found

Both alone

Only known as brother

Calls the Wind and Iceman

Stare and watch the vision

See myth and legend rise

Wolf man waking living

Journey to the seven seas

Tumble down the mountain

Bathe in stars

Birth is near

Drink from sacred fountain

Wolf packs gather

Bears assemble

Each intent on looking

See without eyes

Only scenting

Hear half forms ancient footing

Crack of leaves on mossy ground

Pungent ash and thorn

Fire lights in ancient heart

Animal beings mourn

The birth of man from times gone by

When heartbeats sang their song

Days gone now, just memory Calling

The journey home is long

Wolf and man merge as one

Blood mingles in the veins

Neither one separate now

Both hearts beat the same

Journey vision just beginning

The cycles end once more

New day dawning

Life anew

Walking hand in paw.

By: Lorna Bailey