Poems of Russell Landau


Spring Poem

Spring is like a warm and aromatic breeze.

Colored foliage, wet and warming a new beginning.

Hearing music outdoors.

Hearing doves “Coo”

Nature’s Gifts

The leaves rustle through the trees.

The brook is flowing with ease.

The mountains are majestic in size and beauty.

Trees are the largest plant in stance.


Month Of May Poem

May is for birds.

May is for flowers.

May is for blue skies.

May is for green grass

That is soft and ticklish on my feet.

Distinctions Of Music And Love

Music like love can bring many a feeling to you.

It can put chills through your body, tears in your eyes and pain in your heart and soul.

Music can give you a natural high and then bring you down to your knees.

When you hear certain songs you are reminded of people and places you have known and seen.

It reminds you of people you have liked and those who you will only be with in your dreams.

The beauty of a song like the beauty of a love can be two of life’s biggest ups and downs.

They are both works of art with uniqueness and beauty that radiates out and has messages deep within.


Her Many Accomplishments

She touched the lives of many people with the beauty of her smile and grace of her presence.

She lends a helping hand wherever it is needed.

She has accomplished many goals and dreams in her life with many more to follow.

With the beauty of a newborn baby she is filled with a deep mystery and wonder that her significant other will have the blessing to discover.

He will be a lucky and gifted man.

By: Russell Landau