Poems of Sheridan Bushnell

There is this richness that rises,
From some primordial sea within me.
Carried on the wings of sorrow’s splendor,
I am overtaken, sustained by grace,
Rendered sublime.
My heart meets this magnificence,
Cracks wide open,
Disseminates seeds over parched lands
To people with forgotten smiles,
Who suddenly remember,
And we are fully met,
In this moment of exquisite ecstasy.

                        Sheridan Bushnell

Following two poems are from  “Where Imagination Meets Infinity” by Sheridan Bushnell

And what does one who knows,
Communicate to one who knows?
The great smile of those
Smug in Allah,
Held in the belly of the Buddha,
Moved by the music of Mohammed,
Touched by the reverence of Jesus,
Floating in the arms of Khrishna.

I hungered for the garden of Self,
While the fruit was rotting on the vine.
I yearned for the drink that would end
This parched wandering,
While the well was waiting.
I longed for the signs of peace,
While the white flags mingled
With the tender young doves.
I listened for the music of the spheres,
While the infinite orchestra of my life,
Played out its sweetest symphony
To the theatre of me,
My empty chair ,
Creaking with my absence.


Sheridan Bushnell is an inspirational speaker, author and poet.  Through the chaos of excruciating physical and emotional pain and the power of surrender, she discovered a deeply spiritual core and creative voice.   This has led to the authoring of five books, being a featured poet at Canada’s Ottawa International Literary Festival, as well as the UNESCO and NC Film Foundation labyrinth film “Dancing The Dream Awake.” and “Aquasoul Magazine.” Her poetry has been published in the collection “Poets for Peace” and “The Ways of The Healer Journal” of the California Pacific Medical Center, granted the distinction of America’s Healthiest Hospital by Natural Health Magazine.


She can be contacted by email at saintejoan@aol.com

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