brian perrins

Close your eyes
Put time aside to think about the unfortunate in this world
A glorious morn
Dedicated to my late wife Dianne 1.7.1953 – 4.10.2003. this work apears in several publications including Timeless Verses and The International Who’s Who of Poets.
Always near
This is a poem written on behalf of my late brother-in-law John to his wife Linda.
To all the staving children in the world, please take note and give what you can.
Before it’s too late Mom
I wrote this for a freind of mine who wanted her mother to know how she felt about their relationship before it was too late, I hope it worked.
Black Country Times – part 1
This is Black Country dialect, the Black Country is situated in the centre of the UK in the region of West Midlands, so called for it’s past links with heavy industry
Bless this day
To all out there that find contentment difficult, look around you
Closer Than You Think
Think of the poor and unfortunate