Closer Than You Think

The young boy he wakes and gets onto his feet

Its cold in this old shed, but his need is to eat.

Out into the grey as the day is just dawning

Still rubbing his eyes, thinks as he’s yawning.

To the rail station he goes to beg and to borrow

No time to feel self pity, depression or sorrow.

This life he has known for a number of years

To think back to family life would only bring tears.

Just loneliness now and a need to survive

Walking the streets, thankful to be alive.

He doesn’t ask much of the life that he knows

The years of neglect in his face that it shows.

A day on the streets brings the coins that he needs

To buy food and nourishment for his stomach it feeds.

The streets are so dangerous and full of persecution

But he still needs to go on, he has no solution.

You see there’s no tunnel, and there’s also no light

Get back to safe haven, before day becomes night.

It puts you in mind of some far away place

Where the life is so tough that people must face.

But this young boy is not from a far away place

Look around you when you’re next out, you might see his face.

This plight that you’re reading, with no real link

But this plight is for real and closer than you think.