Black Country Times – part 1

Or roight me ode mert, erw yaw gewin

Better than me ar bet, om gewin ta rack en ruwin

I ay sin yaw fer a few wicks ar dow think

Ere abart the punch-up last wick, oh my gord wora stink

Ar I did, it wuz a roight bust up I heard, cheirs un bottles flyin

I think aar Bert woz in the thick o it cuz aar Mary wuz cryin

Ar I think he woz, he toed me e nearly spilt is point!

It’s about time they closed the plerce down, it’s a roight friggin joint

Y’ roight thear mert, if ya car av a point in peace

Yaw might as well call it a day, y’ know, call in the police

Y’ wastin y’ time callin the friggin police

They woe cum, too bizi lookin for a bit a peace

Anyway ar gorra gew, it’s benefit day y’ know

Standin in that friggin queue mecks the day gew slow

Or roight aar kid watch erw ya gew, see ya soon ode mate

Om off down the chippie for me tae, ope they put it on the slate!

This is Black Country dialect, the Black Country is situated in the centre of the UK in the region of West Midlands, so called for it’s past links with heavy industry