Before it’s too late Mom

There’s something I need to tell you Mom, I should have told you years ago

It’s about the way I feel I guess and some things you ought to know

We never show each other emotion, to hug or steal a kiss

To show the way we really feel would be a kind of bliss

Over years gone by we never dare show the way we really feel

To let it go and bear it all is it something that doesn’t appeal?

I’m not sure why we find it so hard to show our real emotion

To share a smile, a tender hug, would it cause a great commotion?

My memories as a kid you know where that you kept us safe and free from strife

But I never knew the love and affection I needed to help me though my life

As time rolls by we’re not getting any younger so let’s not end in tears

We shouldn’t leave it too late to say the things that matter in our living years

So it’s now that I should tell you ‘I love you Mother dear’

Let’s express our feelings without the need for any fear

It would be nice to have a hug now and then and share the occasional smile

And when we part to hear the words ‘love you’ will last a long, long while

Let’s look to the future and try a bit harder with our emotions to share

Then we’ll both live our lives with the comfort that we really do love and care