Always near

I’ve left in body but you have my soul

I wander beside you, together we stroll

You feel the sweet breeze upon your face

This is a kiss for you, my soft embrace

You are never alone in this world that you live

I’m always around you, to care and to give

Never think you can’t cope with all in this life

There’s always an answer to cope with the strife

Just close your eyes and spend time to pray

I’m there looking down and will lead the way

When you waken at night and don’t understand

It’s only me beside you, touching your hand

Never feel sad or lonely as though no one cared

Feel warmth and good feelings for the love we shared

With my arms around you in sweet caress

It’s just something I enjoy, I must confess

So when you sense a warm feeling deep inside

It’s when our lips come together, this I confide  

Look to the future with contentment from the past

With the knowledge our love will be unsurpassed