In Waiting …

Far from the world, I live,
on the island of Love.

All the days through nights,
I spent there…
Sitting on the shore,
playing with its sands.
Looking at the waters,
helping you row…
Listening to the music of winds,
carrying your messages…
With my hope,
Is your Light…

waiting am I,
for u to join me.

Dreamt I that you came,
Not by the waters but by the wind,
Love had given you wings.

You soared over the seas,
and saw the Horizon,
The Giver of Life and His flaming chariot,
took you into His embrace.

Returning from His domain,
You came, just for me,
Or so I thought, true might not be.
Yet I could feel your warmth,
And in that, all Life safely do I breathe.


– Coauthored by one of my beloveds and me :D. Love, all.. :).