Infinite Grace

Dancing in His Bliss we run..
Our Hearts beating to the notes
Of His Flute, they sing
Now we have no place to hide,
He has taken us in His stride!

I woke up one day to see,
There was no more need to flee!
He sent me angels, not one but many,
‘Why me’, I cried.., ‘why me, who is not worth a penny.. ‘

‘Worthy, you are, my child’, He said.
‘As worthy as anyone else is.
And so, curse not thy darkness,
Nor of another, but
Be a light unto them. ‘

And so, lies our challenge,
Shall we be of courage,
could we boldly say,
‘I am the Truth, the Life, and the Way.’ ?

In this challenge, there are no enemies,
Except our lesser selfs,
No weapon but Love.
First they shall ignore,
then laugh, and then fight,
And then, We win.