The Ganges deluge

Behold! The Ganges …
with all its glory …
A river known so sacred…
Deluging now, where hath gone..the Grace?

People swept away by its pull..
The world around, disappearing in a wink
All that, and I am dying too..
Strangely, though, neither I fear,
Nor worry…do I know why ?

Ah…. I was told, this was not the Ganges
of Haridwar the place, but of the Heart.
The Real gateway to Hari….
Not water, what flows, is Love,
Destroying our reflections, into What We Are..

The Sacred river, flows in each of us..
The Sacred word is what We speak…
The Sacred act, is what We do…
The Sacred place, is Here, where We are..
The Sacred moment, is Now, when We are.

Look into the Light of the Infinite
In the Oneness of all,
By this Gracious Ganges, hence
We shall thrall.