The Light of the World

The heavens tremble,
The hallways shake,
Where art Thou?
My dearest angel.
Where art Thou?

In deep faith, call out I,
That you be here with me,
Now and forever, through,
The sands of time, working together,
I and You, you and I

Whence storms may roar, and
The earth may split,
Safe shall I remain, In your arms,
Amidst all the dreary mess

Then shall I see,
The Beauty that all this was,
Is, and will be, is
The same, and thus shall end
Our imagined separation, and my dreamed spectacle!

Where I go from there,
I know not; for then,
There is nowhere to go,
But Here, no time to be, but Now.

The circle shall be complete,
With you and me and All That Is,
as One, in True Beauty,
That hath no separate,
Beholder and Beheld;
in true Love, that hath
lover and beloved,
Not two, but One.