Sprinklings of a Roaring Sun

Streaks of Light, shattering the darkness,
The greens turn green, from all the blackness,
Everything is illuminated,
When like a hundred million suns, comes my Master.

His meek form, His wobbly gait,
His own chariot, that fail to hide
The wisdom of His being, the warmth of His heart.

Ever so vibrating, ever so subtle,
Ever so dynamic, ever at peace,
Armed with the mighty sword of Love,
Stroke me off, and showed Him inside
My wondrous Master, my beautiful Universe.

Now I shall walk free,
Now I become Freedom.
Of what I am worth, I know not.
My Master, in all I have caught.

In me, springs Infinite vigour,
And blooms an unwilting rose,
Fiery Red of Infinite Compassion,
That my Master gives, that my Master is.

I become His torch, His pyre,
That shall ever burn and forever render
All things to the One thing there is.

Whence no more holy air must I breathe,
shall I sacrifice this sacrifice,
And return to my Beloved Master,
Just as the drops of dew,
That the Sun glorifies, and in time
Draws into its Embrace, into the All. ‘