Hello and welcome to Poet Seers


Poet Seers website is edited by Abichal Watkins and Tejvan Pettinger, both are students of Sri Chinmoy and are members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, they wish to share their inspiration from poetry. Thanks also to Nirbhasa Magee (Dublin) for technical help.

Poetseers.org was created in 2002. The site has been migrated between different platforms a few times. This has created problems, if you spot broken links, feel free to report.

Poet Seers is a collection of spiritual and illumining poetry by poets from around the world, including many different spiritual traditions. We are also hoping to keep adding to our collection of poets and poetry.

The great Seer Poets offer a multitude of insights, experiences and inspirations. Through a diversity of paths and language they remind us we are in essence one world family all journeying back to our common source. Their poems are not just beautiful writings but also their inner experiences and realisations and the lofty utterances of these poets have the capacity to give a glimpse of their poetic vision.

  • Many of the photos on this site have been taken from the galleries at Sri Chinmoy Centre.