Emily Bronte

image Emily Bronte, one of three Bronte sister from Haworth, Yorkshire. Emily Bronte is most famous as the author of the classic novel, Wuthering Heights. She is also held in high regard as a poet.


Selected Poems of Emily Bronte

About Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte was born in Thornton, Bradford in 1820. Shortly after her sister’s birth the family moved to Haworth, Yorkshire where she spent most of her life. Emily lived a short and somewhat constrained life but although she didn’t write very much her novels and poems have become classics of English literature because of their emotional intensity and rare power.

Emily is best known for her Romantic novel Wuthering Heights, which is one of the English language’s greatest romantic novels and some say; has yet to be passed.

Her poetry is striking because it seems to speak clearly to the reader and is uncluttered with obscure forms and languages.

Paul Leider writes:

“In her poetry, Emily Bronte achieves a remarkable effect by the energy and sincerity, and often by the music, with which she portrays her stoicism, independence, and compassion in stanzas which in many instances are the commonplace vehicles used by mere rimers. It is as though she were brought up to feel that certain forms of verse were the patterns, and had, with dogged acceptance, poured into them her emotions with an honesty that made the outward form seem negligible”

Emily Bronte published under the pen name Ellis Bell. She died from tuberculosis, on 19 December 1848, aged only 30. It was believed her death was hastened by the unsanitary conditions of her home and water supply.