Poems about Separation

A feeling of separation is one of the greatest sources of suffering, many of the great poetshave been inspired to write great poetry due to a loss of estrangement from their loved one.

To the great mystic poets and Poet Seers separation comes through a lack of connection to the Divine. Intrigingly Sufi Masterssuch as Rumi and Hafizused ordinary romantic language as a symbol for their “divine romance”

From India and Hindu poets there is a strong tradition of Bhakti poetry. The Bhakti poets follow the path of love, devotion and surrender. Their poetry encapsulates their intense longing for a vision or union with the Divine Beloved. For example the poetry of Ramprasadand Mirabai


Poem on Separation by Rumi

Seeking the Source

a voice out of this world
calls on our souls
not to wait any more
get ready to move
to the original home

your real home
your real birth place
is up here with the heavens
let your soul take a flight
like a happy phoenix

you’ve been tied up
your feet in the mud
your body roped to a log
break loose your ties
get ready for the final flight

make your last journey
from this strange world
soar for the heights
where there is no more
separation of you and your home

God has created
your wings not to be dormant
as long as you are alive
you must try more and more
to use your wings to show you’re alive

these wings of yours
are filled with quests and hopes
if they are not used
they will wither away
they will soon decay

you may not like
what i’m going to tell you
you are stuck
now you must seek
nothing but the source


– Translated by Nader Khalili