Tushar Arora

Children do not stay alone
This is a children’s poem. I wrote it with blissful purpose of personal reading, especially for all ages. I was thinking of what to compose and so I intended to create a children’s sweet poem as an objective. Hence I created this beautiful poem. The poem is free to distribute and for School purpose.
America, America glad to meet you!
This poem is a dedication to America’s honor. I was extremely happy while composing this fine piece of art. I really love to distribute this poem to others and even for printing in books.
In your likeness who you are!
This poem is a fine piece of art. I dedicate this poem to God the creator and his angels who created the universe. I composed the poem as if the God is telling about his prestigious entrance, and about his children, and messages to the readers. The poem describes about small angels who lived under God and how were their lives, their habits, and their works.
Memories of faded gods
The sweet blends in the poem note down their beauty and re-occuring bliss. The poem is the story of God, Allah, the creator, and his small angels, his sweet and infant children. The children used to learn new things in heavens. And how would be a life of a man who was fortunate to live besides heavens who saw what the angels were doing, their work, their way of life, and their honorable families. A poem telling the story of God and his prestigious heavens from the vision of an angelic scientist. His journey tale as beautiful as God himself and his heavens will be. ๐Ÿ™‚
Burning flower
A beautiful … a friendship poem in which the tale goes while a young friend cries for friendship with another of a friend in a center of friend circle. The friend cries for help and satisfaction to the center and important friend and therefore he writes down the messages from his heart to his other friend. Here is a very heart touching poem which I wrote somewhere around 2003 – 2004. A sweet old poem of a young boy to his other best friend who seemed to broke away… ๐Ÿ™‚ The poem is written in freestyle art.
In the shadows
A poem composed in freestyle art. I decided to create a poem which an angel could write for his human friend. An angel who fashions the poem in his wonderful blend of story in which he warns his human friend about dangers of darkness and the holiness of light. The angel calls his human friend to believe in him and that he will appear to where the human’s destiny comes and ends. Where the human will find peace and lovely hand of the angel. This old poem I wrote somewhere in 2003 – 2004. I dedicate it to angelic friendship.
I will try with you in the hot sun outside
A compassionate first time love poem composed in freestyle art. I dedicate the poem for reader’s pleasure.
The shameful Heart Galore!
I have mingled a very beautiful blend of phrases in this poem. The poem describes a loving touch told through the author. The author pokes around with joking words and stanza which might laugh and impress the reader. This poetry comes under the Genre of Love poems. The poem is long still it is highly understandable and might interest the reader fund of reading the love poetry.