America, America glad to meet you!

Life in your world,
I walk on your way,
Sometimes liberty and,
Sometimes wild and stray,
Its easy to fall back on you,
A certain fun,
And sometimes a game,
And never blind to see your beauty,
I was right to do such a duty.

America, Glad to meet you,
Imagine where you are not present,
America, Lady has some work to do,
She stands tall and obeys you.

I look daily to dream,
The ways you open into my mind,
Now Lady gives me work and,
You are always so kind,
Its easy to cry to you,
Sometimes it feels life,
A delirious and a hard cry,
When I gaze your sky,
I would embrace, always felt shy,
And never blind to see your beauty,
Blind delusions, divisive thoughts, are not my kind.
And I was right to do, right duty.

America, I have seen fissures in rocks,
Maybe I had seen your ocean too,
America, all ask Liberty from God,
In God we trust may conserve,
There are so many reasons, regarding you,
Because reasons, we follow right path,
Holding the right hand of you,
Liberty stands tall encourages rightly few.

America, no headwind is your hindrance,
Those you make cold which frees me,
My faith indulges with your flag,
Too many laymen upsurge and praise,
And It feels bending one leg on a knee,
And letting myself to become free,
America, I blink my eyes several times,
And stare the birds flying by,
Imagine such dreams are still worthy,
When Lady Liberty speaks a message,
‘You’re Welcome’,
While the birds fly

By Tushar Arora
Dated: Tuesday, September 25th,2007