Memories of faded gods

Outstretched my arms were raised,
When I stood and looked to distant lands,
Desert sailors have crossed the seas,
Filled with waste, evil, and dirt which was haste.
I thought of gardens and mist,
Where rubbed cold snow on wrist,
A path which was long gone,
Comes down again to me.

Seldom in many ways,
Bursting with glory of the sun’s rays,
Flying crafts and blossoms sleek in eyes,
We gathered into dream lands were asleep,
Abundances were their forested keep,
Crowns of theirs kept on stands,
They filled the last stars in our skies,
Endeavor to an ending was their thought,
Their hands have held carved wands.
We dreamt of skies filled with light,
It meant for hope full of cheer!
It was known that he was might,
Their fellowship was sound and clear!
The god was one and we were nine,
Small gods so roamed blessed their work!
Their eyes so white and they do shine,
Captains always fed their herd!

Tinder were those forests,
They drew the flames too much near,
When I looked to distant lands,
Saw light and haze flying like spear,
Desert sailors have thought of seas,
Their thoughts amok the passions neat,
They ate the food so much sweat,
And they cry for love the jewel of light!
I stood and stood I saw their might!
The stories do tell,
That they do well,
Kindest kin,
And they would swell,
The story of light,
Life, sailors, and distant lands,
Their foods were so delirious,
And their buds used to play in prams,
Creepy it looks but they were righteous in sight.

By Tushar Arora
Dated: Friday, October 26,2007