The shameful Heart Galore!

Title: The shameful heart galore
Genre: Friendships and love

One time in my life came,
I abandoned others all the same,
I was a gentleman with endowed courage,
Engagements with achievements though insidious age.
Again gathered some new hearts,
A heart Galore instilled into me,
Therefore I traveled to so many marts,
Though it was cold, freezing, I slipped on my knee.

The hearts were in one store,
Arranged into a Galore’s third floor,
It had taken hard to find them,
I would say the least and buy ten.
Emotions kept on running on me,
Freaking dreams, confusions, were boiling me with steam.

I hadn’t told that I am so poor,
There is a place for single heart,
Lost funds in hearts and time for the newer,
Hundreds of them to tear apart.
Its true when you love someone,
Hand them some gifts and load them with tons,
(Gardens with bushes trimmed to a heart,
So poor I was never thought to run!)

A friend had gone to fetch some hearts,
His heart so poor he fetched all retards!
Now it left me blind and bound,
Because the crazy hearts used to fly around!
I thought some hearts needed to change,
They called me many times that I should arrange,
Frequent outbursts, emotions, and revenge, all were strange!

Can’t think of sweetness any more,
I have sugar to dissolve into their blood,
Their tears unstoppable, sustain and pour,
They slurped the fluid rubbed their noses in mud!
O delicious the tarts were given to me,
One lover only came to flee!
I forgot if his heart is made of love!
As he looked so poor, his shirt was alarmingly ruff (maybe brothel-hoodlum!).

Kinda’ dream for someone,
But only when he doesn’t comes to run!
As flows honey dropping into pale yogurt,
Choco-tarts melt in oven, smelly, buttery, kills one more jerk ๐Ÿ˜‰
One came and torn my heart,
I was open, heart was blooming, cocky! Suddenly the asshole cut it apart!
I was left as a broken being,
Await someone comes to me, steam and beam.

It’s last lime to spill again,
Hearts Galore, was crushed in shame,
I found it back in a store,
Frenzy lover used to come, was bore!
Eyes were red, sleepless nights of cold,
Morning fog in garden behold!
It was not sunshine which I was looking for,
When came another heart to have itself roll! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sometimes hearts are given as gifts,
I doubt if they are caught flying in bedroom shifts!
Emotions, sensations, screaming about future,
Bedrooms have left me in immemorial and impaling torture!
Tears had appeared sooner or later,
I loved to eat some berry-cream,
Times in blue were a starter,
And really loved to flow in some social-stream.

Certainly would buy new hearts the next year,
I would let others know not to drop even a single tear!
And I would ease their pain,
Let me have a shelter in their days of vain.

There comes someone again who tears some of my hearts,
And returned for them some of his tarts.
There was a heart galore in my home,
It got stolen and now I am used to find it alone.
Different grimy sights and sounds,
I have came upon gruesome and gruff hounds!
Life so isn’t hurts me,
I would let hearts come and flow in stream

Buy next year, one heart!

Very lovingly and shamefully,
Tushar ๐Ÿ˜‰