Children do not stay alone

In their games, is never any ruler,
When the children play in forest groves,
And the winds touch them is always cooler.
Eloquent their minds, lousy their nose.

Their heart is willing to play in dirt,
Their mind is weak since the birth,
They would laugh and scare along the road,
Their toys are hard for them to load.

Circles of friends and cycles to paddle,
Puzzles to solve and scare from the cradle,
Life so hurt comes need of some snacks,
Heart is scared when here come some pranks.

Shoes to tie and hats to wear,
Friends be warned when drops my tear,
Brave I am to tackle them out,
Winning the race and they all would shout.

Sincere at school,
Their prayers in Church,
Its one of their rule,
No one is left unheard.

All Boys and girls, there’s grace to find,
In feasts and birthdays,
The god is kind!
And For them there’s no gift so small,
For me certainly they are my all.

Let me be your shelter in rainy day,
When no one comes to you and play,
We will learn to sing and dance,
To friendship we could take a chance,
I am shy to think and say,
Climb to friendship like a snail!

Children play so much games,
They would ask to ease your pain,
Come and join and sing a song,
Let them dance, and play for long,
Children do not stay alone,
Swings to climb and groups to roam, 😉

A loving personal poem by,