In your likeness who you are!

In a likeness of a star,
In some mist spread too far,
Wheel of time treasure there goes?
A puzzle; a riddle; spare spring time groves.
Shine my eyes and never fingers hurt,
Glimmers and gold,
Always mix in the dirt,
As the coal never spreads,
Creepy sound maker steps,
Whistles in the night,
Coming from deep insight,
Nor are they high,
And neither are they sweet,
Can you buy them from the steak,
When they do not come so neat?
Wheel of time haunts the world,
Milky ways look so deep,
A treasure; glimmers;  and the gold,
My universe is as so old,
Few chasten my words inept they are,
Will they know? I am so far!
Do they come to know?
My eternal wheels are made to flow!
My flowers are those blossoms,
Those grow in fear to be torn away!
Unlike ivies do my flowers spread? ,
Their life is filled with my eternal essence,
 When I woke  from sleep to play with them,
My children will live and stay!
Have you seen treasures?
Gold will tear my flowers down!
Have you killed for the blood?
Time will have to let you pay!
White blossoms in the mist,
As a flower in a grove,
Walks in the gardens,
Spreads like the dirt,
A pet and a cattle,
They are meant for joy,
Rejoice won’t you?
When you have donations to pay!
Spare your spirit and live in joys,
Though happiness comes,
Buy good toys!
And you won’t mind,
Will you ever know?
I created you in an image of a star!
Think your face will gloom in days,
Blink your eyes, sleep and play!
Come to know the flow of winds,
Then you will know in your likeness who you are!
Then like a star, raise your hands,
Flow in the wind though snow you are

Tushar Arora
Dated: 25th, October,2007