I will try with you in the hot sun outside

I will try
(Dancing in the hot sun outside)

I look up to the shadows,
Of those buildings standing,
And i stand staring at a window,
Where a girl lives,
A girl so pure and simple,
A i look and look there,
And the markup those shadows provide,
As the glimmers of those shining nights,
And i will try to dance with you,
Someday who knows hey friend,
And who knows there will be another window,
Right next to that window,
And the door leading to the next door,
And that corridor where she lives,
Try to forget those tears that i cried,
Next living the fantasies with you,
And still that is something not easy,
Still that dream is a sweetest itself,
Never to retain as a fantasy,
Looking at that window i see you,
And You sometimes stare at me,
From the blue eyes you have,
Still those shining moons are nothing,
Nothing like your smile,
Someday that smile will be close enough,
And i will try to dance,
Dance with you in the hot sun outside,
Splattring in those waters of youth,
And those splatters are nothing,
No one can take that place,
Where a girl is used to be staring below,
Right at me i know,
Smiling with ease i know,
And smiling at me for sure,
Where will i find that girl,
And when will i meet him,
And for a different kind of fantasy,
Making my fantasies on my own,
And i will try to dance,
Dance with you in those full moon nights,
And Would you ever want to step down to me,
Still i wait for you know,
And i will stare at that window where you be,
And i still look at that window,
Standing in the moon light,
And in the cold night,
Like every night i use to,
Staring the window where you see,
See the heavens up the skies,
And the lands below where i stand,
Looking at you i know,
Trying to find a heart if you have,
A place for me inside you know,
Stepping in that heart,
Feeling more and more apart i find,
You look at me sometimes,
In those moon lights,
And your blue eyes shine like stars,
And that venus and mars you have,
And those are your eyes i see,
Trying to find a purest heart,
And the unique as i am in this world,
No one made for me except you,
Still something you have in your heart,
As may be i am wrong though,
And someday the day when that happens,
And i will try to dance,
And i will dance with you in the hot sun outside,
And the night will be our glory,
And we will dance all night like never ever never,
Still that dream is not over yet,
I will try to stare at that window,
Right next to the new millenium,
And the next time will arive sometime,
When i will be gone,
Faded into the skies becoming a true star,
Seeing below to these lands,
Where you will be standing instead of me,
Looking at me from the grounds below,
Trying to count my eyes from each horizon,
Until we may get united once and for all,
That is my wish,
May come true one day,
Until that day,
I will try to dance,
With you in the hot sun outside,
In my fantasy worlds of sweetest dreams,
Coming true anymore…

 ๐Ÿ˜‰  ๐Ÿ˜‰