14th +15th Century Poets

In Europe the 14th Century saw a flourishing of poetry in the UK. This period was sometimes referred to as Ricardian Poetry, after Richard II. Geoffrey Chaucer is often credited with being the first poet to demonstrate the poetic capacity of the English language.

Two important spiritual poets who lived during this century was the Sufi Mystic Hafiz and St Catherine of Siena. Hafiz offered a prolific range of poetry which was taken down by his close followers. The poetry of Hafiz has witnessed a remarkable upsurge in interest during recent years.

14th Century English poets

Sufi Poets of the 14th Century

Hindu Poets of the 14th Century

Christian Mystics of the 14th Century


15th Century Poets

In Europe the 15th Century was a relatively barren period before the Elizabethan period. Poets included William Dunbar and George Ashby.


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