16th Century Poets

The late 16th Century was an important era in the development of poetry. In Britain a group of poets such as John Donne and George Herbert became associated with the category of the Metaphysical Poets. The 16th Century also saw the birth of arguably the finest poet of the English language – William Shakespeare.

Earlier in the 16th Century the Spanish Mystics Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross left an important legacy of spiritual poetry expressing the mystical element of Christianity.

In India there was a resurgence in Vaishnavism. This is a devotional form of Hinduism often based around the avatar Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna is said to be a manifestation of Vishnu. One of the most famous bhakti poets was Mirabai. Mirabai was a princess of a Royal family who eventually was forced into a life of a wandering saint. She composed many beautiful bhajans about her beloved – Sri Krishna.

16th Century Poets


British 16th Century Poets


Indian 16th Century Poets


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