Poems about Anger

Anger says:
“I can destroy
The whole world.”
Peace says:
“Not when I work
Inside you.

– Sri Chinmoy


“When angry count to ten before you speak.
If very angry, count to one hundred.”

– Thomas Jefferson


Overcome anger by love; overcome wrong by good;
overcome the miserly by generosity, and the liar by truth.
Speak the truth; do not yield to anger;
give even if asked for a little.
These three steps lead you to the gods.

– Lord Buddha, Anger

Other Poems about Anger


Writing on Anger

Question: Could you speak on anger?

Sri Chinmoy: Anger is a great obstacle. The after-effect of anger is frustration and depression. We should take anger as a thief. Its very nature is to steal. We have love inside us and it is our treasure. If we allow anger, the thief, to enter into us, then it will immediately steal our inner treasure. When this happens we must immediately call the police. That is to say, when anger assails us we must cry inwardly for deep aspiration to come to the fore and chase away our anger. If we love someone, we cannot get angry; but for the time being we have lost our love. In order to regain our love, we have to call our aspiration-police to save our most precious love-treasure.

Again, when anger comes to us we have to feel that it is something that is breaking us. We have come into the world to build. If we build something, then only will the world appreciate and admire us. So we have to see which qualities build our nature. Love and peace build our real life; anger only destroys.

From: Sri Chinmoy Library