Poems on Bitterness

Title Creator
Page Only He Knows the Bitterness of Love Mirabai
Page Poems of Mirabai vol 3 Mirabai
Page Savitri – Canto 1 Book 4 Sri Aurobindo
Page Max Ehrmann Max Ehrmann
Page Poems by the Greek Poet Dimitris P. Kraniotis Dimitris P. Kraniotis
Page Mirabai Mirabai
Page Fears In Solitude Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Page Queen Mab Part 5 Shelley
Page Section 5 Blake
Page Stanza xi St John of the Cross
Page Stanza xx and xxi St John of the Cross
Page Queen Mab Part 8 Shelley
Page Metamorphoses – Book Fourteen Ovid
Page The Heroides Books 8 – 15 Ovid