image Ramprasad Sen – (1718 – 1745) Ramprasad was a Bhakti poet of eighteenth century Bengal. His devotional poems, known as Ramprasadi, are usually addressed to Mother Kali. The poems of Ramprasad were popularised by Sri Ramakrishna.

Taking the name of Kali,
Dive deep, O mind,
Into the heart’s fathomless depths,
Where many a gem lies hid
Dive deep and make your way
To Mother Kali’s realm.

– Ramprasad Sen,

Selected Poems of Ramprasad

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Ramprasad is one of the most inspired poets in Bengali literature. Born at Kumarhati in West Bengal in 1718, he was well educated in medicine and languages. However, he had no interest in material life. It is said that, after marriage, he obtained a job as a book-keeper for an accountant. However, he wrote Divine Mother’s name all over the ledgers. The employer saw this and recognized a saint in making. He sent him home with a promise to support him and his family.

Ramprasad used to wade into the river Ganges up to his neck and sing the songs in honor of the Divine Mother. Boats cruising the Ganges would stop to listen to his songs, people dying on the banks of the river would ask Ramprasad to sing to them. Ramprasad became a favorite of the local king but he was never attached to riches till he passed away in 1775.

Ramprasad’s songs are still sung to his day by everyone, even school children. His songs became very famous in the west because Sri Ramakrishna used to quote from it.